I was asked by Ken Hall Ltd. to create a logotype and crest device for Newman & Regent, their new shoe and bootmaker brand hailing from Northampton, UK. Ken Hall have a rich history of shoemaking, and wanted to take cues from the architecture of their factory, in existence since 1873, as well as nod to the stellar reputation of Northamptonshire as a traditional hub for the highest quality cordwainers.

Thanks to the Newman & Regent team for their trust over the course of the project.  

Initial Logotype roughs / development 

Chosen route, developed:

Crest/Roundel Device

Besides the logotype, the Newman & Regent team also wanted some kind of crest or roundel device. So my next job was to explore some routes for that element, which would not only work as a stand alone element but could be combined with the existing logotype.

Route One: Rosette
The Rose is synonymous with Northamptonshire, so we used that silhouette as a starting point here.  

Route Two: Floral Crest
Continuing on the floral theme, but this time to form more of a crest type device. We also took inspiration from the lantern shaped keystone above the entrance to the factory, to create a central element within the crest. The idea being that this keystone could be used on it's own as well as within the crest. 

Route Three: Keystone Crest
This version uses the keystone from the factory as a focal point, with the Silver Falcon perched atop of it, a bird derived from the heraldry of Edward III. 

Chosen Route: Keystone Crest 2
The client eventually chose another version with the keystone as the main focal point, but with a slightly different approach to the floral ornaments. I also included a rosette motif, also borrowed from the front of the Newman & Regent factory building, on which the Silver Falcon could perch. 

Final Logosuite

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